The Secretary of State to the Egyptian Minister (Sidarouss Pasha)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to the Minister of Egypt and has the honor to inform him that his note verbale of August 28 and his note of August 31, 1931,33 regarding a proposed conference of representatives of cotton producing countries, have been brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities of this Government.

These authorities have given careful study and consideration to the Egyptian proposal and they have now come to the conclusion that, since this Government would not be in a position to apply in the United States a direct program of production limitation or limitation and control of cotton exports, it would be unable to participate in a conference which had such objects in view.

On the other hand, in view of the fact that one of the agencies of the American Government is the owner of substantial amounts of cotton and since it is understood that the Egyptian Government likewise holds a considerable quantity of Egyptian cotton, this Government is of the opinion that there might be some advantage in providing for informal discussion between a representative of the Egyptian Government and the American Farm Board with a view to formulating methods of cooperation. The Farm Board would be glad to discuss this question with any representative that the Egyptian Government may wish to send to Washington.

Henry L. Stimson

  1. Neither printed.