The Secretary of State to the Minister in Egypt ( Jardine )

No. 50

Sir: The receipt is acknowledged of your despatch No. 97 of March 23, 1931,32 reporting upon recent changes in the Egyptian import tariff schedule and recapitulating the attitudes of the principal capitulatory Powers with respect to the general question of the Egyptian tariff règime.

The Department concurs in the opinion expressed on page 18 of the despatch under reference, that it would be desirable for you to confer with your French, Italian and Belgian colleagues regarding the eventual conclusion of permanent commercial conventions with Egypt, and authorizes you to engage in such informal conversations regarding this question as may appear desirable. It is understood of course that the conversations which you envisage would be simply an exchange of views as to the possible courses of action which might be taken by the Powers concerned in order to protect their legitimate interests in Egypt and that you would not commit this Government to any specific course of action without obtaining the prior consent and instructions of the Department.

You will, of course, keep the Department promptly and fully informed of the substance of the conversations referred to above.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
W. R. Castle, Jr.
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