683.003/40: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt (Jardine) to the Secretary of State

36. Your 26, March 4, 1 p.m. Egyptian Government a few days ago requested Residency formally, and French, Italian and Belgian Legations orally, in order to avoid “grave fiscal inconvenience[s]”, to give necessary instructions to Consuls to make match law and decree applicable to respective nationals leaving principle involved in procedure for further consideration [discussion]. Residency has formally expressed readiness to discuss matters of principle involved and has taken notice of personal assurance of Foreign Minister that pending an agreement on such Egyptian Government will not adopt method of procedure to which exception has been taken. Capitulatory powers consider that principle asserted has been maintained with request from Government for assent to tax and French, Italian and Belgian assents have studiously avoided any reference to the future discussion of principle. I have been acquainted by Egyptian Government with action of the powers and have been requested orally to withdraw reservations made in accordance with the Department’s instruction in order that law and decree may become applicable to Americans. I recommend that I be authorized to inform Foreign Office that my Government has no objection to the tax being levied on American citizens.