683.003/37: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Egypt (Jardine)

25. Your 24, February 19, noon and your despatch 26, December 23.27 The Department concurs in your opinion that it would be undesirable at this time to make any formal representations to the Egyptian Government with respect to the new rates of duty.

However, in view of the fact that other Powers have already entered protests with respect to former increases in duties, it is desired that you seek an informal interview with the Minister for Foreign Affairs. At this interview you should inform him orally that while this Government is animated by the friendliest feelings for the Government of Egypt, and does not intend at this time to protest the present increases it is under the necessity of making full reservations with respect to its rights under the terms of the Legation’s note of February 16, 1930,27a and the exchange of notes of May 24, 1930.28

Please keep the Department informed by telegraph of any action that may eventually be taken with respect to the new rates of duty by the other foreign legations and by the British Residency.

  1. Despatch not printed.
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