839.51/3477: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Dominican Republic ( Stafford )

31. Upon study of President Trujillo’s Note and Plan we feel there are going to be insuperable objections to the plan as stated, but we [Page 117] are making strenuous efforts to find constructive solution. We have stated to Despradel28 today and request that you state to Dunn and President Trujillo our conviction that immediate passage of law proposed in Trujillo’s Plan would prejudice constructive solution of problem which probably will require cooperation New York bankers. Please strongly urge delay in passage of law and urge that Dunn come to Washington by airplane to confer Schoenfeld29 and Department next Wednesday if possible.

  1. Roberto Despradel, Dominican Minister at Washington.
  2. H. F. Arthur Schoenfeld, appointed Minister to the Dominican Republic. He presented his letter of credence on October 9.