711.679 Residence and Establishment/70: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (Grew)


28. Your 24, July 10, 10 a.m.

Conclusion of the modus vivendi which the Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs proposed would not be possible, because it would [Page 1041] constitute an attempt at putting into force a treaty without the Senate’s having given its advice and consent to the treaty’s ratification.
The Department is prepared to accept the text of the letter, including omissions, as proposed by the Turks. It is believed that, in view of this concession, the Turks will be prepared to initial the treaty within the near future, as they themselves suggested. However, its signature should be put off if possible until mid-October and in no case should occur before late in September.
The Department considers your interpretation of the exchange of notes on February 17, 1927, to be correct and that only if the American-Turkish treaty of August 6, 1923, had been ratified before June 1, 1928, could the understanding set forth in the concluding portion of paragraph (b) become operative.