852.01/33: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain ( Laughlin ) to the Secretary of State


27. Department’s No. 11, 19th of April, 2 p.m. Your questions are answered seriatim.

The third, fourth, and fifth sentences in paragraph 2 of the Embassy’s telegram 26, 18th of April, 6 p.m., contain all the information which I can possibly give at present.
Prieto, the Finance Minister positively avers that the financial obligations incurred by the Monarchy will be respected by the present regime. That this will be done is the opinion which prevails among [Page 994] American interests concerned, and with whom I have consulted, especially the International Telephone and Telegraph Company. Furthermore, in one of the decrees just pronounced, there is a provision which continues the guarantee by law of private property.
Yes, because a further shift to the extreme left can best be halted and effectively so by immediate recognition and also, because, with good argument to support my opinion, I believe it is what not only the Provisional Government wish but the Monarchists as well. Your reference to a recognition race is fully understandable to me. Since recognition has been extended by so many powers, however, including France, that is a matter no longer to be considered. Cuba and Argentina, I learned today, have recognized the new regime. I deferentially suggest that the Department now give me authorization to extend recognition immediately upon my learning of such extension by Italy, Germany, or England. The statement of recognition should refer to “the Provisional Government of the Spanish Republic.” I have consulted with all of my colleagues. In their opinion, early recognition in the interest of world order is highly important.