The Spanish Embassy to the Department of State

No. 22/87

Note Verbale

The Embassy of Spain at Washington has the honor to advise the Department of State of the United States that it has received a cablegram from the Minister of State to the provisional Government of Spain, stating that the Republic has been proclaimed throughout the country with delirious enthusiasm, the said Government being constituted as follows:

Presidency: Mr. Aniceto Alcalá Zamora.
Gobernación: Mr. Miguel Maura,
Treasury: Mr. Indalecio Prieto,
Fomento: Mr. Alvaro de Albornoz,
Grace and Justice: Mr. Fernando de los Ríos,
Labor: Mr. Francisco Largo Caballero,
Marine: Mr. Casares Quiroga,
Public Instruction: Mr. Marcelino Domingo,
Army: Mr. Manuel Azaña,
State: Mr. Alejandro Lerroux.

The said cablegram states, further, that perfect order prevails throughout the nation, and gives instructions to inform the Government of the United States of the foregoing.