660c.113 Lard and Bacon/10: Telegram

The Minister in Poland (Stetson) to the Secretary of State


75. Reference is made to Department’s telegram No. 63, October 20, 4 p.m., paragraph (1).

Inasmuch as I have received no satisfaction from the Polish authorities except for the vague assurances which they have given in response to informal protests made by me, formal action in accordance with the Department’s telegram No. 63 of October 20, 4 p.m., has been taken. I made a statement to the following effect; [Page 935]

It will be impossible for consideration to be given by my Government to the request for the delay in connection with the projected commercial treaty until it has been assured that Poland will not again take arbitrary and unwarranted action of this kind.

If the above assurance is not given, acquiescence in the delay which the Polish Government seeks would be unwise. Particularly is this true because the Polish Government is now disposed to overlook the justice of our representations in the lard case to the extent of proposing a settlement by compromise. The proposed strict compromise contemplates accepting over a period of 60 or 90 days, rather than within the 30 days following October 6, the shipments of lard which have been made in accordance with the decree of September 29. In spite of this promise of today, past experience causes me to hesitate in pronouncing the matter definitely closed until the promises made have been confirmed in writing and until I know that the Polish authorities have actually issued the permits for shipments now lying in Danzig.