660c.11212/36: Telegram

The Minister in Poland (Stetson) to the Secretary of State


61. Department’s telegram No. 50, August 10, 4 p.m., seventh paragraph.

Yesterday the Commercial Attaché and I had a lengthy and confidential conversation with Vice Minister of Commerce Dolezal and his department chief, Sokolowski, during which I outlined our position as follows:
The United States could not agree to Polish proposals of which the Department was informed in Legation’s telegram No. 49, July 2.
That, after 3 years’ discussion, I believed the time had come for a definite answer from the Government of Poland as to whether they could accept the point of view of the United States regarding commercial rights and relations under the modus vivendi.
That the serious detriment to American trade is causing the Government of the United States to become impatient with the existing conditions, since we believe that we are asking only for considerations due us as a matter of right.
That I was speaking officially [unofficially?] in order to give them the opportunity to consider the answer they might make before I should bring the question in its juridical aspects formally to the attention of the Foreign Office.
The suggestion was made that if, through all countries except Germany, the Government of Poland immediately would free American commerce of the present hindrance to indirect trade, I would cable the Department for further instructions. The instructions might have a bearing on the strength of my proposed note to the Foreign Office. In any event the exception for Germany could only affect the speed of the negotiations and not the principles involved, because I did not desire to embarrass the Government of Poland while negotiations with Germany were in progress. These officials promised to reply to me unofficially in about 10 days, at which time I intend to send a note to the Foreign Office.
I am of the opinion that the time has arrived to press the matter toward a decision, and, with this end in view, I intend to present a strong note within 2 weeks, based upon juridic considerations supplied by the Department in its telegram No. 50 and various instructions. In my opinion no advantage will be gained in postponing action pending the conclusion of German-Polish Commercial Treaty with Russia, especially since the best informed opinion is not hopeful of a successful outcome. The Commercial Attaché concurs with me in this.