611.60c31/80: Telegram

The Minister in Poland ( Stetson ) to the Secretary of State


49. In continuation of Legation’s telegram No. 45, June 26, 4 p.m.2a During a long conversation which the Commercial Attaché and I had on June 30 with high officials of the Polish Ministry of Commerce, the following verbal proposal was made unofficially:

Consideration will be given by the Polish Government to accepting our position with reference to indirect trade by instructing Polish consular officers in third countries to grant certificates of origin and by having officials admit the goods in question at the conventional rates of the Polish tariff. The above procedure would not be followed in countries having no commercial treaties with Poland but would be followed in all others. Russia and Germany are the only European countries which do not have such treaties.
It is the desire of the Polish Government that the United States Government recognize the above exception by exchange of notes. The latter would continue in force until Poland has concluded commercial treaties with Russia and Germany. The Polish authorities request further that the United States Government express in a note its approval of the principle that trade between all countries should be direct and that the United States Government indicate that direct trade between Poland and the United States will so far as possible be supported.

That this Government could assume no responsibility actively to encourage direct shipments to Poland was explained to the Polish authorities. I have the impression that a vague general statement such as would not modify our existing policy would satisfy them.

Intimations were received that acceptance of the above proposal would remove the principal obstacle to continuing negotiations for the commercial treaty and that such negotiations might then immediately proceed.

The hope was expressed by the Polish authorities that in about 3 weeks these discussions could be continued.

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