823.01/76: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (Dearing)


30. Your despatch 624 of April 12.20 The question of recognition of the present Peruvian Government has been receiving very careful consideration from the Department. The Department is reluctant not [Page 919] to extend recognition at this time, but before reaching a definite decision in the matter would like to have additional information from you. Information in the Department shows that particular circumstances have led to recognition by Spain and Norway, the only countries to have taken this action thus far. You indicate British, Brazilian, and Japanese representatives are ready to follow our lead. What attitude is being taken by the other Latin American countries such as Chile and Argentina?

The Department is aware of the continually changing situation, but would be glad to have your opinion as to the present regime’s stability and the probable support of the new regime by the people of Peru in the next succeeding months. The Department understands that this regime is supported by the Navy. Does it have the support of the Army or is the Army’s allegiance divided, and is there likely to be a movement for its overthrow in the near future? Would conditions in Peru be stabilized by recognition?

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