821.6363/916: Telegram

The Minister in Colombia (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

128. My telegram No. 126 October 11, noon. In reply Saturday to bitter attack of Silvio Villegas against Government’s entering into Rublee contract, Minister for Foreign Affairs delivered extensive and able reply setting out Government’s new petroleum policy and policy of friendship with the United States; Minister of Industries also ably defended contract. Their speeches very well received in Congress and incident was declared closed by President of House.

We have probably unique opportunity during this Congress for securing a variety of much desired legislation of far-reaching effects on American interests.

However, owing to peculiar conditions now prevailing here, I respectfully declare that I have immediate need now and for the next 2 months of suitable secretary as contact man in Dickson’s place and will be much handicapped without him (Olaya says confidentially he will probably prolong Congress until middle December).