711.679 Residence and Establishment/39: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Grew) to the Secretary of State


6. Yesterday at the first meeting with the Turkish delegation three points were discussed, regarding which I desire to receive instructions from the Department:

Exemption from security (judicatum solvi) is, under Turkish law, conditional upon reciprocity. There is, I understand, no such exemption of aliens in the United States; I should like, however, full information concerning this point.
Omission of the word “other” in the final line of the formula is seriously objected to by the Turks on the theory that they would not be able, after omitting this word, to grant both national and most-favored-nation treatment. The Turks suggest omitting all mention of national treatment, thereby having the formula provide only most-favored-nation treatment. This would, they point out, in practice give the United States national treatment wherever it has been stipulated in any of Turkey’s treaties.
The Turks seem to be willing to accept in the treaty a paragraph which shall reproduce the Senate’s first reservation to the 1923 treaty with Germany, but they inquire if I would state in a procès-verbal that the United States applies the same legal immigration control to all European countries as it applies to Turkey. Such a statement possibly might be made in a letter in case the Department finds a procès-verbal objectionable.