711.679 Residence and Establishment/1: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Grew ) to the Secretary of State

62. If the Department so desires, the Turks will be willing to conclude with us a brief convention of residence and establishment containing a single article along the following lines:

“With reference to the conditions of residence and establishment and judicial competence to which the citizens and companies of the two countries will be submitted, Turkey will accord to the United States of America and the United States of America will accord they [to Turkey] national treatment in cases where the respective laws of the two countries permit national treatment and in all other cases most-favored-nation treatment.”

If the Department does not desire to submit two separate conventions to the Senate for ratification at the same time, namely, the treaty of commerce and navigation,1 and a convention of residence and establishment, I believe that the Turks will be willing to embody these provisions either in a modus vivendi or as an annex to the minutes of the final plenary session of our recent negotiations for a treaty of commerce and navigation.

If the Department would like to have this matter arranged in time to present such a convention to the Senate in December, I will arrange to split my letter [leave] of absence into two parts returning to Angora for the national holiday on October 29. I request provisional telegraphic instructions in care of the Legation at Berne. [Paraphrase.] I believe that, so long as there is maintained the principle in the paragraph in quotation marks above, Turkey will accept any reasonable alterations in phraseology. However, it may be difficult to obtain most-favored-nation treatment for cases where national treatment is accorded, in view of Turkish susceptibilities. [End paraphrase.]