The Swedish Minister (Boström) to the Under Secretary of State (Cotton)

My Dear Mr. Cotton: With reference to your letter of July 1st last, concerning submission to a neutral tribunal of the claim of my Government against the United States for ship-detention damages during the war, and to my preliminary answer of July 2nd,18 I have the honour to inform you that I have discussed the matter with my Government and that I am ready to discuss with you the terms of submission and the personnel of the tribunal.

I beg to transmit herewith a draft of the main points of a compromise, drawn up by our Foreign Office, and will be glad to discuss the whole matter with you orally.

Very sincerely yours,

W. Boström
[Page 841]

Swedish Draft of the Main Points of a Compromise

Whereas the Swedish Motor ships Kronprins Gustaf Adolf and Pacific, which had entered American ports on June 23rd, 1917 and July 1st, 1917, respectively, were prevented to leave American territory until July 12th, 1918 and July 19, 1918, respectively, as a con sequence of the refusal of the American Government to allow, unconditionally, the exportation of the bunker oil carried by these ships at their arrival to American territory,

His Majesty the King of Sweden and the President of the United States of America agree to submit to arbitration the following questions:

Do the facts stated above constitute a contravention of the Swedish-American Treaties of April 3rd, 1783 and July 4th, 1827?
Should the reply be in the affirmative, what pecuniary reparation is due to the Government of Sweden on behalf of the owner of the ships above-mentioned?

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