823.00 Revolutions/16: Telegram

The Chargé in Peru ( Mayer ) to the Secretary of State

155. Lima and vicinity quiet today with only several small demonstrations. Telegram from Blaisdell, Arequipa, states Grow perfectly safe and well looked after and that Colonel Sanchez Cerro assures no need for apprehension. Blaisdell also reports Aviator Faucett well but will not be free until clears [cleared?]. I have telegraphed Blaisdell to inform me at once whether Faucett detained against his will and if so why.

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At diplomatic body meeting this morning unanimously decided that the entire diplomatic corps should call upon president of the junta to express earnest hope in the name of humanity and as friends of Peru that Mr. Leguia’s life be protected and to suggest that he be allowed to leave the country. General Ponce received us sympathetically and stated that this was the wish of the junta who had tried as late as yesterday afternoon to have the Grau take Mr. Leguia to Panama but that he refused to leave the country desiring to stand trial and defend himself. Ponce also stated that Mr. Leguia would be kept aboard the Grau which had joined junta and which would be anchored out at safe distance.

Mr. Leguia’s attending physician has informed us that the latter [former] does desire to go. He is apparently quite ill. Several Ministers going out to see ex-President tomorrow morning and report to us in meeting later.

The diplomatic corps believe that Mr. Leguia would be killed immediately should he be brought ashore.

It is doubtful how long the present authorities can continue as believe they have little or no funds. This causes us considerable apprehension of a situation where there would be no control and the troops out of hand.

Need for naval protection is still a distinct possibility. The British have a light cruiser in Chilean waters. The British Chargé d’Affaires consulted me last night regarding the advisability of having it come here. I told him of my telegram to the Department regarding ships to stand by at Panama and that did not believe further action on my part expedient at this moment. He referred to Monroe Doctrine and stated would not risk requesting his cruiser to come without first discussing matter with me.

Juan Leguia, the President’s much hated son, now on board the Grau, had alleged British citizenship which may complicate the matter for British Chargé d’Affaires and persuade him of necessity of requesting cruiser to come.

Attitude of Sanchez Cerro towards this junta doubtful. Chilean Ambassador states he has set up separate junta in Arequipa and not likely to come here unless to assume control. Sanchez Cerro has requested Grace Company to resume Mollendo as port of call. If my answer by Grace requested I shall recommend falling in with desires, insofar as practicable, of whatever authority is in control at any particular place.