823.00 Revolutions/3: Telegram

The Chargé in Peru (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

143. Admiral Pye1 informs me that according to advices just received through Ministry of Marine, artillery regiment near Arequipa has revolted in absence of two infantry regiments on maneuvers. Colonel of regiment has declared himself head of forces in south until President Leguia ousted. Revolters were marching on Arequipa, which presumably fallen, as no means of resistance. Attitude of two infantry regiments unknown and wires apparently cut between Arequipa and here. News not yet generally known here so far as aware. Attitude of Army forces here unknown although much unrest. Chances are would join in any substantial revolt.

Cruiser under command of Peruvian officer sailing tomorrow from Callao to the south of Mollendo to protect aviation base. Navy considered reliable.

If revolt matures we will be confronted with problem of participation of Naval Mission in Government. As Pye and I believe, our officers of course should not command, but query if and when cease from staff duties at Lima. Unless the Department has clear-cut instructions to give me now, suggest I be authorized to use my discretion.

Furthermore if revolt assumes substantial proportions believe Department should consider expediency of Embassy publishing notice to American citizens refrain from participation either side with disclaimer of protection in event not complied with.

Military Attaché requests War Department be informed.

  1. Rear Admiral William S. Pye, U. S. N., Chief of the American Naval Mission in Peru.