The American Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier (Blake) to the French Resident General in Morocco (Saint)3

Mr. Resident-General:—I have the honor to refer to my communication dated May 19th, 1930, in which I signalized to Your Excellency my apprehension that the Committees of the Tangier Legislative Assembly appeared to contemplate the grant, to certain concerns, of a concession for the supply of electric light and power, in derogation of the principle, laid down by the Act of Algeciras, of public awards on proposals without preference of nationality.

I ventured to request Your Excellency to be good enough to recall to the Tangier Authorities the necessity of respecting the rights of the United States under the provisions of the treaties in the premises, and I would be very grateful to have Your Excellency’s official notification as to whether or not the subject of my protest has been brought to the attention of the Authorities concerned.

Please accept [etc.]

Maxwell Blake
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Diplomatic Agent at Tangier in his despatch No. 525, July 19, 1930; received August 4.