711.12155/456: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Morrow) to the Secretary of State

196. Chief of Diplomatic Department of Foreign Office informs me [he] orally advised Embassy this morning that Mexican Government expects shortly to indicate its approval of Boundary Commission’s report on river rectification at the same time submitting to the Embassy the bases for an agreement between the two countries. We suggested that it might be preferable to submit the bases orally and [Page 553] informally in order that, should one Government object to a point submitted by the other, an impasse might be avoided. Mr. Sierra expressed agreement and said that even should the Mexican point of view be presented in written form it was to be regarded as informal and not binding but merely to serve as a basis of negotiation.

On August 26 Chief of Diplomatic Department stated that Mexican Government preferred that it, rather than we, should initiate negotiations with respect to an agreement. As the negotiations will presumably take place in Mexico City this appears to us to be a proper and reasonable request.

In view of the foregoing conversations with Mr. Sierra and of our feeling that neither party should commit itself formally at this stage I consider that it would be advisable not to address a formal note to the Foreign Office at the present time and that the Embassy should await the next step from the Foreign Office. We shall of course be guided by the Department’s telegraphic instruction number 21963 in the negotiation of a treaty.

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