711.12151A/200A: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Johnson)

78. If you see no objection please deliver note to Foreign Office making following points:

International Boundary Commission United States and Mexico at present engaged in eliminating from the effects of Article II Treaty of November 12, 1884,43 the remaining bancos in the El Paso-Juarez valley. It is Department’s understanding that elimination of eight remaining bancos will be effected shortly. (Commissioner Lawson has telegraphed that on March 19 the Weber tract was designated a banco by Commission and eliminated from effects of Article II of Treaty of 1884 and that Commission had resolved that jurisdiction of this banco shall pass to the United States in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty of 1905.)
On completion of elimination it is expected that American and Mexican Commissioners will forward to their respective governments final plan for river rectification along the general lines set forth in [Page 537] Minute 111.44 As this plan is virtually completed the Department does not contemplate that receipt by both governments of final plan will be delayed, as soon as banco elimination is effected.
As soon as final plans are received by both governments, Department proposes that the negotiation of a treaty should be initiated covering the points comprised in Minute 111 and such other matters as the two governments consider may well be included in the proposed convention.

In view of Mr. Clark’s45 familiarity with matter please consult him. Also telegraph when note is delivered and send copy to Department by mail. We would send Lawson to Mexico City during period of negotiations and will so inform him if you consider his presence advisable.

  1. Malloy, Treaties, 1776–1909, vol. i, p. 1159.
  2. Minute No. 111 of the International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico, December 21, 1928: action recommending engineering feasibility of preliminary plan for stabilization of boundary and rectification Rio Grande, El Paso and Juarez Valleys. A copy of Minute No. 111 is filed under 711.121–55/334.
  3. On February 19, 1930, Mr. J. Reuben Clark, Jr., was notified that he had been appointed “Special Representative of the Department of State to make a study of the proposed rectification of the Rio Grande and stabilization of the boundary line in the region of El Paso, Texas, and such other matters as may be covered by a convention with Mexico to be negotiated later.” (711.12155/410d)