The Acting Secretary of State to the Mexican Ambassador (Téllez)

Excellency: Referring to the Department’s note of October 23, 1929,41 concerning pending banco cases in the El Paso and Juarez valleys, and the subject of river rectification, I desire to inform your Excellency that the American Commissioner on the International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico, was informed by telegraph on the 18th instant that the Department desires that the elimination of pending banco cases be commenced at once. The American Commissioner was further informed that the Department has agreed to this move on the understanding that the Government of Mexico will instruct the Mexican Commissioner to prepare a final plan for river rectification as soon as possible. The American Embassy at Mexico City has been requested to advise your Government of the foregoing in order that, if there be no objection, corresponding instructions may be issued to the Mexican Boundary Commissioner.

Accept [etc.]

J. P. Cotton