711.12/1198: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Morrow ) to the Secretary of State

148. The President informed me during our interview of July 12 that Mr. Montes de Oca is expected in Mexico City about July 22. [Page 496] Boundary Commissioner Lawson informs us that the joint report of the engineers on the river rectification project should be submitted to the Commission tomorrow and the Commission’s final report embodying the report of the engineers should be ready for submission to the two Governments by the end of this week, thereby bringing the matter to a point where it may be discussed directly by the two Governments.26

[Paraphrase.] After due consideration, and having in mind the views of the Under Secretary as set forth in his telegram 139, May 26, 1 p.m.,27 it is my feeling that, unless something unforeseen should come up, it would be wise for the Embassy during the next few months, at least, to concentrate on two points, namely, (1) an en bloc settlement of claims, and (2) river rectification including if possible the disposition of the Cordova and Chamizal tracts; the negotiations on these two subjects to proceed concurrently.

I should appreciate instructions from the Department as to whether it desires me to initiate concurrent yet independent negotiations on the foregoing questions as soon as the proper moment arrives. [End paraphrase.]

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