882.51a/112: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Carter) to the Secretary of State

33. Department’s 16, February 13, 4 p.m. McCaskey commissioned Acting Financial Adviser yesterday by President of Liberia. Loomis left March 8 via Spain and Cuba for his home at Strasburg, Virginia, where he will spend his leave of absence.48

In correspondence with the Liberian Government relating to McCaskey’s nomination, Barclay49 took exception to our position that Acting Financial Adviser should be nominated by the President of the United States but stated that in the view of the Liberian Government the next in command (in this case McCaskey) should, in the absence of the Financial Adviser, become Acting Financial Adviser. As the issue appeared to be somewhat academic, I did not insist upon acceptance at this time of our view but merely informed Barclay that I was mailing copies of the correspondence to the Department.50

  1. John Loomis returned to Monrovia on September 6, 1930.
  2. Edwin Barclay, Liberian Secretary of State
  3. Not printed.