The Acting Secretary of State to Mr. Nelson Stuart, Assistant Trust Officer of the National City Bank of New York

Sir: I acknowledge receipt of your letter of January 27,36 addressed to Mr. J. P. Moffitt37 of the State Department, quoting a cable from the Financial Adviser38 that he is recommending Mr. McCaskey39 as Acting Financial Adviser. It is understood that Mr. McCaskey, who was formerly Supervisor of Internal Revenue, is at present Supervisor of Customs in Liberia.

Article 8 of the Loan Agreement40 provides for the nomination of the Financial Adviser by the President of the United States but there is no provision as to the appointment of an Acting Financial Adviser during the former’s absence on leave. The Department would be pleased therefore to learn whether you consider it necessary to have the Acting Financial Adviser nominated by the President. In the case of Mr. Bussell41 who was commissioned in 1928 Acting Financial Adviser by the President of Liberia42 during the absence of Mr. De la Rue,43 the Financial Adviser at that time, the formality of a nomination by the President of the United States was not followed.

Should it be deemed necessary formally to nominate Mr. McCaskey, I would be pleased to receive biographic data to submit as is customary to the President should he be recommended.

Very truly yours,

For the Acting Secretary of State:
Prentiss Gilbert
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