882.124a/109: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Reber) to the Secretary of State

166. Upon receiving information that the first installment of the $11,000 sanitation fund had been made available, the President sent for Dr. Smith to discuss the continuance of the program. In view of the local political agitation he stated that he was unable without legislative approval to proclaim the remainder of his program as outlined in the letter of the Financial Adviser and accepted by the Finance Corporation, although the [sanitation] act of 1927 would appear to grant him such power.

Dr. Smith feels therefore he cannot reopen his sanitation work without the authority promised him and upon the promise of which the Finance Corporation advanced these funds. He is so informing the Surgeon General. It will be remembered that the President assured me that Dr. Smith would be granted the necessary authority when the [Page 436] money was available. (See my telegram No. 109, August 26, 4 p.m.) I am in complete accord with Dr. Smith’s decision, considering that the Liberian Government has no further interest in sanitation and that if so reopened sanitary work could not be successful.