882.124a/81: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Reber) to the Secretary of State

111. Legation’s telegram No. 109. The President today informed me that he had instructed the Secretary of Treasury to accept the offer of the Fiscal Agents99 in regard to the $11,000 to be devoted to sanitation. In our earlier conversation he had implied that, should the pending difficulties with the Fiscal Agents be settled, the money would be forthcoming. To this I answered that I understood these questions were quite distinct from the situation in regard to sanitation funds.

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On both occasions I assured the President of the Department’s great interest not only in Doctor Smith’s mission but in the continued work of sanitation in Monrovia and he expressed his desire to carry on the sanitary campaign.

He said that the Cabinet had decided to await Mr. Loomis’1 return on September 6th before replying to the other questions raised in the Fiscal Agent’s letter.

  1. See letter of June 14, 1930, from the Finance Corporation of America at Cleveland to the National City Bank of New York, p. 400.
  2. John Loomis, Financial Adviser to Liberia, absent on leave.