810.79611 Tri Motors Safety Airways/196:Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Edge ) to the Acting Secretary of State

36. Reference my telegram number 35, February 10, 5 p.m. Air Ministry today states matter temporary permission being held up by Minister of Colonies, who, it is believed by the Embassy, desires to see extension French line prior to introduction of foreign lines. Air Ministry further states that situation is aggravated by flight through Guiana of New York–Rio plane this year subsequent to termination [Page 61] of authorization which expired December 31 and by fact that plane carried cameras. Air Ministry nevertheless is continuing endeavor to effect temporary arrangement pending negotiation of the working agreement between the companies earnestly desired by it.

If reported inauguration this month of East Coast Line should involve traversing French territory I believe situation would be further complicated and it may be that the Department will wish to recommend detour.