882.5048/300: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Reber) to the Secretary of State


116. The American and the League of Nations Commissioners sailed from Monrovia today, Dr. Johnson planning to leave England about October 3 for the United States.

Prior to the departure of the two foreign members, President King expressed to them his “mortification” over the conditions which had been found and stated that, while he considered their comments were too severe, the recommendations were not impossible to fulfill. This expression was used, it is felt, in an endeavor to determine the relative importance given the recommendations compared with the other sections.

Locally the general impression is that the Vice President is the only high official condemned definitely by the report. Apparently this impression is due to an administration effort to fasten guilt upon one individual whose punishment is possible. Hoping to vindicate himself, the President seems now to be seeking his own renomination, and his chances of success appear favorable.

The public is desirous of having the findings and recommendations released for its information.