882.5048/222a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Liberia (Carter)

10. Geneva has advised the Department that Meek has resigned. Meek gives his reason that the work of the Commission cannot be completed before the rainy season and that he feels that the period provided for the investigation should be extended to continue after the rains. The League appears to be giving consideration to Meek’s views. The Department has grounds for apprehension that any present suggestion to change the terms of reference13 for the Commission which this proposal appears to involve might be seized upon by the Liberian Government to delay or even to prevent the work of the Commission.

This is regarded as a very delicate matter and is being taken up confidentially with Drummond14 with a view to a substitute being immediately appointed under same arrangements as were made for Meek. While the Department would like to have any advices you may be in a position to submit respecting the foregoing, it is requested, should the subject arise in your conversations with the Liberian authorities, that you avoid making comments which might be construed as reflecting this Government’s position and especially that you make no commitments without receiving further instructions.

  1. See telegram No. 105, September 11, 1929, 3 p.m., to the Minister in Switzerland, Foreign Relations, 1929, vol. iii, p. 307.
  2. Sir Eric Drummond, Secretary General of the League of Nations.