838.00 Elections/22: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti (Russell) to the Acting Secretary of State

53. President Borno and I have separately interviewed members of the Council of State. At the present time I feel that Roy has a majority. In reply to inquiries I have informed members of the Council of State that Roy is a compromise candidate; that at my request the President’s Commission informed the opposition leaders that it expected Mr. Roy’s administration to be a coalition one and that as soon as Mr. Roy was elected I intended urging on him the necessity of having President Borno’s party represented in the new Government.

I have requested Mr. Roy to write a letter to the Council of State informing that body that he is a candidate for the Presidency. This is the normal procedure in order that his name may be considered. I have further urgently requested Roy to make no declaration whatsoever.

This morning President Borno stated that it would be very dangerous for Roy to issue a call for cougressional elections while the Council of State is in session or before July 7th; that he realizes the interpretation placed on the article of the Constitution regarding the calling for national elections is one controlled by expediency, but that it will require careful leadership on the part of Mr. Roy as there are some hot heads in the Council of State.