838.00 Elections/15: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti (Russell) to the Acting Secretary of State

50. Department’s 35, March 29, 3 [4] p.m. Have informed President Borno of the contents of the above telegram. He has assured me that he will urge Council of State to elect Mr. Roy and is sending the names of certain members of the Council of State to me with the request that I talk with them. I informed him I would urge them to carry out the plan. President Borno is concerned that his party will not be considered when the new administration comes into office on May 15th. I told him that the President’s Commission had spoken to the leaders of the opposition on this matter and urged that Mr. Roy’s administration be a coalition one and that when opportunity offered I intended to speak to Mr. Roy along the same lines. President Borno feels that if he urges the Council of State to elect Mr. Roy, as he intends doing, there is a strong probability of Roy’s election.

President Borno then stated that, purely as a theoretical matter, he would like to direct my attention to article 34 of the Constitution and ask how my [the?] Deputies or Senators could enter into the functions of their office prior to the first Monday of April 1932. I replied that this was a question to be discussed with the new administration.