838.00 Elections/13: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the High Commissioner in Haiti ( Russell )

30. Your numbers 40 March 21, 2 p.m. and 41 March 21, 2 p.m. After conference with President’s Commission now assembled in Department you will please acknowledge Mr. Velaire’s letter bringing to your attention the election of Mr. Eugene Roy as candidate of the patriotic groups for the temporary presidency of the Republic, and state to him that as soon as the other steps contemplated by the plan elaborated by the President’s Commission which has been accepted by both parties shall be completed by the election of Mr. Roy as President by the Council of State and his peaceful assumption of office at the expiration of the constitutional term of President Borno on May 15, he will be recognized as such by this Government. You will inform Mr. Velaire that until such time no acts or decrees of any group of persons other than the present Government, assuming to act officially for the Haitian people will be recognized by the United States.

Referring to the communication which you have received from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Haitian Government, the Department of State suggests that you enclose to him a copy of the letter you will write to Mr. Velaire and inform him verbally that as far as the United States Government is concerned, Mr. Roy, irrespective of the Procès verbal you mention, is considered as having been selected by the delegates of the federated groups as the candidate for the temporary presidency of the Republic. You should make it clear to the Haitian Government that in these circumstances the United States Government considers that the Haitian Government is in no wise relieved of its obligation to carry out the plan of the President’s Commission and that irrespective of any decrees attempted to be issued or official acts attempted to be performed by bodies claiming to represent the people or a portion of the people of Haiti, the United States Government expects the present Government of Haiti to carry out the compromise plan of the President’s Commission accepted by it.

The Department suggests that you assure both President Borno and Mr. Roy personally, that the President’s Commission and the Department have full confidence that they will carry out, both in letter and spirit, irrespective of any excesses of political enthusiasm, their respective parts of the plan of the President’s Commission.

The Department and the Commission has every confidence in your ability to handle this situation and see the plan through.