838.00 Elections/8: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti (Russell) to the Acting Secretary of State

40. Referring to my telegram number 36, March 20, 9 a.m. The local newspaper La Presse this morning publishes a procés-verbal of yesterday’s meeting of delegates of the Federated groups representing the opposition. This document clearly shows that:

A vote was taken on the election of the candidate for the temporary Presidency of the Republic;
That the presiding officer announced Monsieur Eugene Roy elected to the temporary Presidency of the Republic by virtue of the protocol agreed to between the representatives of the Federative Committee of the societies and patriotic groups and the American Presidential Commission;
That Delegate Dr. Price Mars read the decree proclaiming Eugene Roy the elected (chosen) of the nation for the execution of the Hoover plan with mention of the engagements taken by the individual elected.

I have received a letter from Etzer Vilaire who announces himself as president of the assembly of delegates of the arrondissement of the Republic.

Vilaire brings to my attention the election of the candidate of the nation Mr. Eugene Roy for the temporary Presidency of the Republic of Haiti and asks me to inform President Hoover and the Department of State.

The decree of nomination enclosed in Mr. Vilaire’s letter states in article 1: “The Assembly proclaims the citizen Eugene Roy (chosen) of the nation for the execution of the plan of the Hoover Commission.”

I suggest that I be authorized to [inform?] Vilaire in writing that the United States Government only recognizes Monsieur Eugene Roy as the candidate of the Federated Patriotic Groups for the Presidency, his name to be submitted to the Council of State which will vote on it on April 14.