The Minister in Egypt (Howell) to the Secretary of State

No. 907

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s Instruction No. 287, of September 28, 1926,16 requesting the Legation to report as to [Page 973] the exact date on which services on behalf of the Swiss Government by this Legation and the various consulates may be considered officially to have ceased.

In reply thereto I would state that the Legation has this day received letters from the consulates at Alexandria and Port Said, respectively, stating that Swiss nationals ceased to receive protection on August 31, 1926, and that the Cairo Consulate in its reply, dated November 1, 1926, stated that the letter from the Legation, dated August 5th, enclosing a copy of the Department’s instruction No. 276, dated July 7, 1926, was received at the Consulate on August 7th. This instruction was immediately put into effect and the protection of Swiss interests in the Cairo Consular District, therefore, ceased on August 7, 1926.

Protection of Swiss interests by the Legation ceased on August 5, 1926.

I have [etc.]

J. Morton Howell
  1. Not printed.