704.5483/24: Telegram

The Chargé in Egypt (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

29. Your August 20, 6 p.m.; 276, July 7th. Instructions literally followed; information also circularized to registered Swiss. Residency expressed satisfaction August 10th. See also action of Egyptian Foreign Office reported in Legation’s 860, August 3.15

  1. Not printed; it transmitted an official communiqué of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published in the Egyptian Gazette, August 3, as follows:

    “Up to 1915, Swiss citizens in Egypt were under the protection of the French and German Consulates. When the German Consulates were closed in that year, and German interests in Egypt were entrusted to the representatives of the United States, the latter had to extend their protection to those Swiss citizens who desired it. This temporary system has now come to an end, for the Swiss Government recently came to an agreement with both the Italian and British Governments giving the Swiss citizens in Egypt the right to choose either British or Italian protection according to their desires, and the Egyptian Government has approved the new arrangements. The protection by France of Swiss citizens in this country also remains unchanged.”