711.162/–: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Salvador (Schuyler)

14. Department’s 26, September 20, 1923, 6 p.m. Before proceeding with the negotiation of a treaty of amity, commerce and consular rights with Salvador and with other countries, Department is awaiting action of the Senate upon similar treaty which has been signed with Germany2 and which is still before the Committee on Foreign Relations.3 Pending such action of Senate and further consideration by this Government in regard to the treaty proposals which it will make to other countries, Department would be glad to enter into a modus vivendi, effected by an exchange of notes, with Salvador mutually according unconditional most-favored-treatment with particular reference to import and export duties. Such notes might take approximately the form of the notes exchanged with Brazil on October 18, 1923.4 Department is, however, prepared to telegraph text upon information that Salvador is disposed to proceed according [Page 913] to this method. Such an arrangement would benefit Salvador by assuredly preventing the imposition of penalty import duties on its coffee which is imported free under Tariff Act of 19225 and upon its other products which find a market in the United States.

You are requested to take this matter up promptly with the Government of Salvador.