The Ambassador in Spain (Hammond) to the Secretary of State

No. 100

Sir: In connection with the reported divergence of views between the governments chiefly concerned on the question of the desirability of holding an international conference to discuss the Moroccan situation, I have the honor to transcribe the following remarks attributed to General Primo de Rivera by the Madrid Informaciones in an interview published in that newspaper on the 4th, instant:

“There is much talk about a new international conference to discuss the problem of Morocco. The time for such a conference has not arrived. It is necessary to wait until the disarmament of the tribes is a reality. When there is no longer any menace directed against the protecting Powers (France and Spain), then we will be able to speak again of the international problem. We desire that Tangier shall form a part of the Spanish zone. If we can not have sovereignty there as we have in Ceuta and Melilla, we at least desire that Tangier shall remain within our Protectorate with the remainder of the zone.”

I have [etc.]

For the Ambassador:
Edward L. Reed

Secretary of Embassy