The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain ( Hammond )

No. 53

Sir: There are transmitted herewith for your information copies of two despatches, dated May 4, 1926, and June 5, 1926, respectively, from the American Agent and Consul General at Tangier6a concerning the establishment by the Spanish authorities of a Customs barrier between the Tangier Zone and the Spanish Sphere of Influence in Morocco.

[Page 724]

The Department is in full agreement with Mr. Blake that this Customs barrier, if applied to American citizens or proteges, constitutes an invasion of American rights in Morocco, although no specific complaints have as yet been received by this Government.

In the absence of such complaints, this Government hesitates to make formal protest to the Spanish Government. However, the Department desires that you bring the position of this Government, as outlined above, informally to the attention of the Spanish authorities, and that you express the hope that the Customs barrier will not be administered so as to impose duties upon the goods of American citizens and proteges passing between Tangier and the Spanish Sphere of Influence in Morocco and that thus the necessity of a formal protest on the part of this Government will be obviated.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Leland Harrison
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