883.927/109: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt (Howell) to the Secretary of State


15. Department’s telegram No. 9, April 12.

The political situation is now favorable to making representations which in my judgment and that of Mr. Winlock will be satisfactory to the Metropolitan interests.
Department’s note is objectionable in several days: (a) It contains superfluous history and belabors the real points at issue; (b) it is objectionable to Doctor Reisner.
Reisner approves aide-mémoire in which I request Egyptian Government or Ministry under which Lacau works to approve officially Lacau’s interpretation of the spirit of article 10 as expressed in the circular letters which he has sent to the various expeditions.
The language to be used by Egyptian Government in the separate articles to be issued to concessionaires will embody the principles set forth in Department’s note. British [and French?] support this proposition.