812.6363/1895: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Sheffield) to the Secretary of State


315. Embassy’s despatch No. 2429, of June 22 regarding petroleum drilling permits.65 Since Foreign Office has made no reply to this Embassy’s note of June 22, save routine acknowledgment setting forth that the matter had been referred to the competent authorities, it is suggested that further representations are in order especially with regard to the direct quotations contained in our note which remain unanswered. This Embassy has learned that the order has been neither modified nor withdrawn; that the Mexican Government has stated to representatives of the petroleum companies that it will consider no compromise except with regard to the amount of the bond; and that the petroleum companies have declined to negotiate solely on that basis.

  1. Not printed; it transmitted a copy of a note addressed to the Mexican Foreign Office, June 22, in the sense of Department’s telegram No. 212, supra.