812.6363/1880: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico (Sheffield)

212. Your 272, June 15, 5 p.m. Request Foreign Office to advise you promptly and specifically, first, under what authority of law order relative to provisional drilling permits was issued; second, what proof of acquired rights is essential under that order, and in this connection what provision has been made for proving title in cases where records of registry offices have been destroyed, whether certified copies made by keepers of public registry will be accepted and whether it is not a fact that under laws of the State of Vera Cruz deeds of property having a value of less than 200 pesos were not required to be public documents or registered; and, third, whether order is intended to apply to lands on which permits have heretofore been issued and in connection with which permits titles have been examined and approved by Petroleum Department of Department of Industry, Commerce, and Labor.

In view of great importance to oil companies of keeping up production and filling commitments and of possible hardships and delays involved in compliance with order mentioned, you will ask that it be withdrawn at least until matter can be further discussed and considered.