362.115 St 21/457: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Herrick) to the Secretary of State

461. [From Hill.] H–192. Department’s H–100.21

Commission today adopted opinion Legal Service that we have a right to be reimbursed expenses properly incurred in management [Page 201] of fleet of tankers out of earnings of fleet taken as a whole. It also approved retroactively letter of Secretary General of December 2 communicated in my H–188.22
Since British now fully authorized to act for Commission in taking delivery and giving discharge, delivery can immediately be made to British without further recourse to Commission being necessary.
Understand Lord Inchcape will act in sale which British anxious to have [at] earliest moment. We will be duly informed of date and conditions of sale which will be by tender and not at public auction.
Regarding immediate payment substantial part earnings Secretary General requests this be made to account “D” of Reparation Commission at the National City Bank of New York. He further requests advice as to date of payment, amount and by whom effected.
  • Hill
  • Herrick
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