362.115 St 21/456: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Herrick) to the Secretary of State

457. [From Hill.] H–188. My H–184, November 29.

As result of meeting of the general secretaries authorized at the last meeting of Reparation Commission have received today letter, dated December 2, from Secretary General informing me that: (a) Commission accepts the conditions with respect surrender five tankers indicated in my letter of November 26 and is in accord with the understanding of my Government on this subject; (b) Commission further accepts offer of the United States “to make at an early date a substantial payment from the net operating fund remaining after deducting the expenses incurred in respect of all the tankers” which will be placed in a suspense account until its final destination; (c) “Reparation Commission has authorized the British Government to take delivery of the steamers on its behalf and also to give discharge therefor”; (d) Commission is requesting British to advise us in advance of place and date of sale.
Believe statement in paragraph (c) gives Shipping Board sufficient authority to arrange details of delivery and surrender of vessels to the British Board of Trade and take release from British Government on behalf of the Commission without having further recourse to Commission.
As soon as information received will advise Department of the manner in which payment referred to in paragraph (b) should be made. Hill.