890d.00/232: Telegram

The Consul at Beirut ( Knabenshue ) to the Secretary of State

I have received from High Commissioner written assurance requested by note quoted in my telegram October 28, 4 p.m. He expresses strong conviction that uprising here improbable. I concur but believe it is not impossible. Keeley reports by telephone: (1) Only 2,200 rifles delivered to date; (2) destruction of houses throughout the disturbed area has made many thousands homeless, many of whom are joining ranks of brigands, numbers of whom [omission?] and now becoming formidable; (3) French have apparently taken no precautionary measures to prevent reentry of brigands into Damascus; (4) several districts near Damascus in the hands of brigands have declared their independence.

Brigand movement in Damascus and other regions shows indications of development into a widespread organized revolutionary movement.