890d.48/22a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Beirut (Knabenshue)

Draw on Department for $2,000 appropriated by Red Cross for relief of American citizens. This sum should be expended under general supervision of Consulate preferably through a committee of American citizens as need for relief of Americans arises. Submit account of disbursements.

Red Cross in consultation with the Department has carefully considered your telegraphic request for appropriation for general relief of refugees from Damascus and Hauran District9 but does not feel that it will be consistent with its policy to make appropriation under existing circumstances. Need for relief has been created by war conditions due in part, as appears from your telegrams, to tactics adopted in Syria by France. Relief appropriation by Red Cross at this time might create impression that Red Cross would assume a continuing responsibility to take over a burden which should rest squarely on the Mandatory authority.

  1. See telegrams of Oct. 19, 1 p.m., and Oct. 21, 6 p.m., from the consul at Beirut, pp. 108 and 109.