819.00/1157: Telegram

The Minister in Panama (South) to the Secretary of State

25. Department’s February 26, 3 p.m.20 Have investigated Marsh’s connection with Indian uprising and am informed by the Indians that Marsh has attempted to restrain them and that their being on warpath is due to grave injustices done them by Panamans. Indians have agreed to suspend hostilities if not attacked by Panamans. Panama has been informed of this but has sent instructions to troops here “to seize all vessels and boats pertaining to the Indians and prevent all kinds of traffic with and between them.”

Panaman Government has advised me it will insist on Marsh’s trial and punishment if found guilty. Marsh now aboard ship at my request with the understanding he may return to Indians if he so desires. If allow him to return to the United States and to suspend operations against Indians the incident would be closed. I suggest that the Department, through the Legation, endeavor to bring this about.

According to information here about ten Indians and ten Panamans have been killed to date.

  1. Not printed.