211.12/74: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Sheffield) to the Secretary of State

49. Department’s telegram 39, February 27, noon. Secretary of Foreign Relations informed me this morning that he would immediately consult the appropriate authorities with regard to the possibility of authorizing the Mexican Ambassador at Washington to sign an extradition treaty covering offenses against the narcotic laws of both countries along the lines of our treaty with Canada and that he would inform me at the earliest possible moment of the Government’s decision. Assuming that there was no fundamental objection to this action he was fearful that it would take 8 or 10 days in any case to prepare and to send to the Mexican Ambassador full powers unless it could be arranged to authorize the Ambassador by telegraph [Page 507] to sign the treaty and upon arrival of the full powers to consider them as having been delivered earlier.

I do not believe there will be any objection on the part of the Mexican Government to signing the treaty and hope to be able to report the Government’s decision early next week.

I am also in receipt of a note dated February 24 in reply to my note of December 29 referred to in Embassy’s telegram 36 of January 30, 3 p.m. to the effect that the Mexican Government is disposed to conclude a convention regarding contraband along the frontier and requesting me to supply the names of the American experts to meet the Mexicans at a preliminary conference. I infer from this note that, if we name our experts, Mexicans will follow suit without delay; and therefore request to be informed of their names for communication to the Mexican Government.