211.12/73a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico ( Sheffield )

39. Your 36, January 30, 3 P.M. If an Extradition Convention covering narcotic cases could be signed promptly and approved during the brief special session of the Senate after March 4th, it would be beneficial. You will therefore please sound the Mexican Government but at the same time make it clear that the suggestion in regard to the Narcotic Convention is made merely because of the desirability of action on this one phase of the general subject in view of the lapse of time before the next session of the Senate, and that it is in no way suggested that the plan for the Conference proposed in my mail instruction Number 89 of December 17 last to discuss and establish bases for a Convention covering the general subjects of smuggling, liquor control, et cetera, be abandoned.

If the Mexican Government should agree that priority be given to an Extradition Treaty covering offenses against the Narcotic Laws of both countries, it is suggested that such a Convention be negotiated and signed here, the Treaty with Canada being used as a basis therefor.