882.6176 F 51/75

The Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Castle) to the Secretary of State

The Secretary: I had a talk late yesterday afternoon with Mr. Hines, Secretary of the Firestone Company.

He tells me that the reports brought by their agents from Liberia are very optimistic and that Mr. Firestone, unless something unforeseen occurs, is planning within the next two months to draw up a suggestion for a substantial loan [and] to make a proposition to the Liberian Government. His aim is to use this money so far as possible to build up the country in the way it was planned to do under the old government loan.1

W. R. C[astle,] Jr.
  1. For correspondence concerning the proposed Government loan, see Foreign Relations, 1920, vol. iii, pp. 49 ff.; 1921, vol. ii, pp. 368 ff.; and 1922, vol. ii, pp. 606 ff.